About Us


Growing up I found myself falling into the fashion trends of everyone else around me but secretly admiring those who had the courage to be their own selves.  It takes a unique courage to be willing to be uniquely yourself and since my high school days I've gravitated to those who are more free in life.  That freedom has transcend in many more ways than just fashion but as an overall way in life.

The 180 degree turn from high school launched me down a path of freedom that would not just free up me in all other aspects of my life.  My life took on a new direction and my mission ever since was to provide a space where others could experience that same freedom.  I stand for FREEDOM!  Thank you all for assisting me with my stand.

Ken N.

CEO Transcending Trends


It is our goal in Transcending Trends to provide the greatest products at the lowest cost therefore we cultivated relationships directly with the manufactures themselves so we can provide the latest and greatest products at a respectable price. We do this by cutting out the middle man.

As trends in fashion become played out, We Transcend!